Water Issues

Unlocking Innovation — Advancing the Water Industry through Policy-Making, Portfolio Planning and Project Delivery

Findings from  “Unlocking Innovation”, a white paper from Black & Veatch and the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW),  reveal that there are five key factors to consider when developing new solutions for complex water issues.

Education. Communication. Collaboration. Integration. Investment. 

The full report provides recommendations on how the water industry can unlock innovation to address water challenges around the world. Click here to download the white paper.

Three key recommendations emerged from the workshop:

  • Educate the public on the true value of water
  • Connect diverse stakeholders through active collaboration
  • Drive integration and communication across the water industry’s sectors

Discussions focused on unlocking innovations across water policy, resource portfolio planning and project delivery. Click on the icons/links below to find out more about the key takeaways from the discussions on each topic.

  • Water Policy-Making: Innovative water policies need to address competing stakeholder interests. Innovation risks must be managed while deriving a suitable price that balances basic human rights to access clean water with the realities of costs.
  • Resource Portfolio Planning: Resource management can be improved by encouraging innovation in portfolio planning. Utilities are challenged to progress from being merely service providers to progressive business entities that maximize the potential of resources.
  • Project Delivery: Innovation in the business, technical and financial aspects of project delivery is vital. This should be done in an affordable manner that balances risks fairly for different stakeholders.

About the "Unlocking Innovation” White Paper
This is the second white paper produced by Black & Veatch and SIWW. It resulted from 27 roundtable discussions held at the Water Leaders Summit at SIWW in July 2012. These roundtable discussions were led by nine distinguished chairpersons from the water industry. The workshop saw an attendance of nearly 100 water leaders from six continents. Delegates were invited to share insights on innovation across three areas: Water Policy; Resource Portfolio Planning; and Project Delivery.