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Kusile Power Station
Client: Eskom Holdings, Ltd.
Project: Kusile Power Station
Location: Witbank, South Africa
Relationship:Since  1997

Kusile Power Station is one of the largest energy infrastructure projects under construction in the world. Black & Veatch’s work with Eskom will result in reliable electricity to South Africa and a comprehensive skills and knowledge transfer program.

“I think one of the most important things is the experience throughout the world that Black & Veatch has. I think on this basis, they do excellent work.”
Abram Masango, Kusile Power Station

Eskom’s Kusile Power Station project is a 4,800 megawatt (MW) supercritical, coal-fired power station under construction near Witbank, South Africa. Black & Veatch has designed the first coal-fired power station in South Africa to use the advanced environmental technology of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) wet scrubbers and air-cooled condensers. This will ensure a sustainable, cleaner source of baseload electric energy is available for South Africa and the African continent far into the future.

Complexity is a natural component of a project of this magnitude. Construction is centered on 1,355 hectares (approximately 3,350 acres or over 5 square miles). The project is currently at its peak, employing over 17,000 workers. Black & Veatch’s role is to provide construction management, consulting and planning, engineering and design, contracts, claims and procurement management, and health and safety management services in a partnership arrangement with Eskom professionals.

Black & Veatch has also been asked by Eskom to broaden its consulting services for renewables deployment, FGD programs and outage management work. Black & Veatch has been chosen to assist Eskom with a comprehensive skills and knowledge transfer program. This includes not only building Kusile, but assisting in the development of Eskom professionals to perform this type of work in the future.

The national electricity crisis in South Africa demands growth beyond current capacity. This requires industry-leading construction management performance to hold to a challenging schedule. Black & Veatch has assembled a team of nearly 200 seasoned professionals willing to move their lives to South Africa for a multiyear commitment. In addition to personnel resources, Black & Veatch has implemented multiple modules of its proprietary POWRTRAK® design tool to assist in the design of Kusile.

Black & Veatch also works closely with Eskom to meet its goals regarding the development of local labor resources and local supplier capacity. The project is making major social and civic contributions to support local communities through an extensive community social investment program involving all contractors on site. The Eskom and Black & Veatch partnership will give tens of thousands of South Africans the opportunity for an improved quality of life through the increased availability of reliable, clean energy.