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Client: Sumitomo Corporation
Project: Tanjung Jati B Units 3 & 4
Location: Central Java, Indonesia
Relationship:Since  2007

New power units in Indonesia are providing reliable electricity to support economic growth.

The plant will support continued development in Indonesia for years to come.

Black & Veatch provided engineering, procurement and commissioning services for the auxiliary plant boiler works package for Tanjung Jati B Units 3 and 4 (TJB 3 & 4), a two-unit 660 megawatt-net (MW-net) power plant expansion project located near Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Recognized as one of the world’s Top Plants of 2012 by Power Magazine, the new facility adds 1,320 MW of electric generating capacity to the grid, alleviating power shortages and supplying a major boost of reliable power to residential and industrial users in Indonesia.

The plant is owned by Sumitomo Corporation subsidiary PT Central Java Power and is operated by PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia’s state-owned power utility. Black & Veatch’s scope included coal unloading, coal handling, fly ash handling, the air quality control system, and other miscellaneous support systems. The project was led by Black & Veatch’s Beijing office and supported by Black & Veatch professionals from Bangkok, Pune, and the U.S. 

A key goal was to provide high-quality equipment at a cost that promoted future growth in Asia. Black & Veatch minimized costs while instilling confidence that the plant would employ reliable equipment through its “China export solution,” which prequalifies Chinese sources of engineering and equipment. Black & Veatch’s Beijing office investigated Chinese vendors, basing selection decisions on the ability to produce equipment that meets rigorous quality and performance requirements. The successful completion of this project, particularly TJB 3 & 4’s use of the China export solution, serves as a benchmark for other plants being developed throughout the world.

The electric power from the plant, which is being used by communities on the Indonesian Java-Bali grid, will support continued development in Indonesia for years to come. A wet flue gas desulfurization system and electrostatic precipitators supplied by Black & Veatch are among the first examples of modern air quality control technology at major power plants in Asia.