Utilities, communities and energy consumers are actively investigating microgrids as a solution to accomplish sustainability, resiliency and cost-certainty objectives. At Black & Veatch, we have the expertise and resources to deliver your entire microgrid solution.

We invested in a microgrid at our World Headquarters as a demonstration project and living laboratory. The facility displays cutting-edge technology and provides a platform for development of innovative microgrid solutions. Our microgrid encompasses solar PV, geothermal, battery energy storage and gas-fired microturbines, and is monitored by our proprietary data analytics program, ASSET360TM.

Our extensive power generation experience, combined with our thorough knowledge of energy storage and the transmission/distribution grid, uniquely qualifies us to provide a comprehensive microgrid solution. We can support microgrids of all sizes and needs, including:

  • Off-Grid – For rural electrification and energy management.
  • Microgrids – Community or campus-level projects designed to provide resilient, sustainable and cost-effective power supply.
  • Island Systems – To reduce dependence on imported fuel and energy, replace aging assets and boost economic development.
  • Non-Transmission Alternatives – Distributed generation sited on the transmission or distribution grid to provide an alternative to transmission system upgrades.
  • Smart Cities and Communities – For integration with local Smart Cities activities and community microgrids.

As an EPC contractor known for performing work for military government agencies requiring an enhanced level of security, we have extensive experience supporting the development of secure microgrids. This includes security shielding and hardening, as well as energy surety for mission-critical facilities.