Utility Automation & Telecommunications

Utility Automation & Telecommunications

Utilities want more reliable, efficient and intelligent networks. And consumers demand it. Black & Veatch is a perfect fit to help clients reach their financial and performance targets. Clients benefit from our years of experience in telecommunications and grid automation.

With Black & Veatch, clients access nearly a century of experience in the global utility industry. Add on decades of telecom expertise, and the numbers speak for themselves. We have 30,000-plus miles of fiber deployment, along with 20-plus SCADA/RTU assignments. We’ve been involved with more than 400 power system and communications studies, and have more than 100 smart grid engagements with more than 60 utilities.

Utilities place a high value on our track record in power generation and transmission and distribution networks. We’ve engaged in more than 300 overhead transmission design projects, resulting in 7,000-plus miles of infrastructure. We have helped utilities with 900-plus substation design projects and 50-plus substation integration projects.

Black & Veatch provides turnkey solutions. Projects can start with upfront consulting and planning. This includes radio frequency planning, site acquisition and design engineering. Implementation services cover materials management, construction, installation and commissioning. Going forward, clients can draw on our expertise to address operational challenges.

To control equipment and system operations, utilities need to capture real-time data. Therefore, we integrate SCADA, IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) and other applications. We also assist clients with substation and distribution automation.

  • Clients take advantage of our specialized insights, as we provide resources for: Wireless/microwave/land mobile radio
  • Fiber optic/DWDM/SONET (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing/Synchronous Optical Networking)
  • Transport technologies, such as IP/Ethernet, Mesh, MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)
  • Network architecture development
  • Utility wireless collocations

Utility Automation & Telecommunications Services

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Utilities use new technologies that are vital to the reliability of the electric grid....