Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Black & Veatch experts develop sustainable solutions while mitigating risk to tough environmental challenges around the world.

The environment is one of the most common discussion topics among world leaders, and for good reason – it affects the entire planet.  And though scientists and government officials may have differing views on the issue, there is no debate about the need for sensible, sustainable solutions. 

Black & Veatch plays a global leadership role in solving complex problems with smart solutions for clients all over the world. We do it through a wide range of environmental consulting  services to meet specific client and community needs. 

To our clients, our environmental service work means quality performance and reduced risk. In other words, they know they’ve made a smart business decision. To the communities our clients serve, it means peace of mind in knowing they’re doing their best for future generations.   

Our due diligence and compliance work helps clients evaluate the risks and solutions associated with potential transactions. We provide clients a clear picture of the issues they may face by assessing both ecological and regulatory concerns.

We are leaders in air quality control for the energy industry and work closely with the EPA in environmental remediation

The Black & Veatch team has many in-house specialists. This includes scientists, permitting specialists, biologists, regulatory experts, meteorologists, environmental assessors and socio-economists. These specialists use an integrated approach, working closely with our engineers, construction managers and IT professionals to meet regulatory requirements.

We provide experts and services in these areas:  

  • Permits, licenses, and regulatory compliance 
  • Facility siting and routing
  • Air permitting
  • Ecological studies
  • Wetlands deliniation and mitigation
  • Acoustical studies
  • NEPA compliance
  • Environmental and social impact assessments and management plans
  • Compliance management 
  • Remediation
  • Floodplain modeling and restoration
  • GIS and spatial analysis 
  • River Restoration
  • Habitat creation and management
  • Geomorphology / Hydromorphology Assessments

Black & Veatch effectively negotiates permit conditions to maximize operational flexibility. We do this through well-established relationships with agencies and our knowledge of regulations. Our ongoing environmental management services, such as compliance assessments and permit renewals, help our clients achieve their stewardship objectives.

Our comprehensive services and ability to share resources easily among our more than 100 offices worldwide allow Black & Veatch to be a single-source solution. For our clients, this means containing costs, staying on schedule and minimizing risk – all elements essential to project success.