2012 Electric Utility Report

The Electric Utility Report

The 2012 Black & Veatch Strategic Directions in the U.S. Electric Utility Industry Report shows significant changes are underway within the industry. The icons below link to key findings from this year’s report. Please download the report to view the full Black & Veatch analysis.

Renewable portfolio standards will drive continued development. However, uncertainty related to growth, costs and regulation threaten continued progress.
Customers will benefits from enhanced services and information on usage. Customers and the environment will benefit from regulations and increased renewable generation. Progress comes with costs and it is the customer who will have to pay.

Environmental and economic regulations, as well as legislation, influence when, where and what, utilities invest in. Uncertainty at federal and local levels further hinders development.
Water is a critical component of electric generation. This includes water used in the production of electricity, as well as water used to recover natural gas from domestic shale resources.
Electric Car
Industry leaders have high expectations for growth in the transportation sector and are willing to support programs to encourage greater market acceptance of alternative fuel vehicles.
Coal accounts for approximately 40 percent of the current U.S. electric portfolio. Regulations are rapidly changing the industry’s outlook regarding the future of coal-fired generation.
Natural Gas
North American natural gas reserves, once thought to be high cost and diminishing in nature, have reversed course and are now expected to serve as a baseload energy source for decades to come.

About the Black & Veatch Report
Each year, Black & Veatch conducts a survey of industry leaders to identify trends and changes within the industry. Recognized industry thought leaders from across Black & Veatch’s management consulting and global energy businesses analyze survey results and provide their insights on changes and what is driving change. The Black & Veatch report is a compilation of this analysis.