Defining the Electric Utility of the Future

The traditional utility model must evolve to keep pace with new technologies, environmental priorities, regulatory pressures and changing stakeholder expectations. An evolving customer/utility paradigm is an added concern in electric utility leaders’ already full basket. 

How do we get from here to there

The electric utility of the future (Utility 2.0) will be characterized by a willingness to engage with multiple stakeholders across different platforms. <–Tweet this! They will also take a proactive stance as it relates to distributed generation and grid innovation, viewing the decentralized model as an opportunity to provide services to and generate revenue from a variety of sources. 

These utilities also recognize the value of smart and connected cities, economies, and marketplaces.  Getting there will require collaboration and the ability to take a frank look at the state of current assets and markets with an eye toward management, improvement, and efficiency.

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