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Featured Projects
Smart, Connected Roadways
Black & Veatch helped the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission launch an advanced fiber optic network project to boost connectivity between buildings. The added bandwidth will support automated tolling and future autonomous vehicle traffic.
Keeping Electric Vehicles Charged
Tesla partnered with Black & Veatch to build the world’s largest contiguous electric vehicle charging system — a network of high-power, fast-charging Supercharger stations throughout the United States to support the Model S.
Building the Perfect Turbine
Meet Cardinal Point Wind, a sprawling wind farm soaring above tens of thousands of acres of cropland in Illinois, testament to the zero-carbon development vision of Canada-based Capital Power and symbolic of its collaboration with Black & Veatch.
Aspriring to 100% Grid Independence
Bleutech Park Las Vegas is a $7.5 billion mixed-use development, featuring workforce housing, offices, retail space, a state-of-the-art entertainment tower, a luxury hotel and luxury residences, all built upon a technologically integrated site.
Lower Costs, Fewer Emissions
Near Lake Erie, the 869-megawatt combined cycle Oregon Clean Energy Center provides critical power with extreme efficiency. There is an astronomical amount of automation on this facility. During normal operations, it can run with just two people.
A Research Lab for Energy Solutions
Black & Veatch provided full EPC services for the microgrid at the Shell Technology Center Houston, where 2,000 scientists, technologists and engineers work to solve energy challenges. The microgrid not only generates power, but serves as a lab.

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