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Through our IgniteX program, Black & Veatch partners with innovative companies who share our passion for Building a World of Difference and solving some of the world's most complex problems. Check out our past program participants below. Think you could be next? Apply now!

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2021-2022 Program: Climate Tech Solutions

Recognizing the world needs innovative solutions to counter the ongoing climate crisis, our 2021-2022 IgniteX Climate Tech Accelerator program focused on working with innovators developing decarbonization solutions, trying to reinvent their industry, and delivering more sustainable solutions.  Promising start-ups on the cutting edge of climate technology participated in our 12-week accelerator program, which provided opportunities for mentorship, access to the company’s vast network of subject matter experts, product testing, pitch development, investor introductions and funding.  View demonstrations from the eight companies who participated in the program: 

  • Carbon Upcycling:  Converts waste CO2 into high performance additives enabling the production of low-carbon concrete.
  • Circ:  Created a technology system that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made, thus threading together the future of circular fashion.
  • ElectricFish:  Develops and deploys networked energy storage for extreme-fast EV charging to power a sustainable, resilient, and equitable energy future.
  • Next Hydrogen:  Has revolutionized electrolyzer cell design architecture to generate green hydrogen economically and at scale.
  • Nitricity:  Produces nitrogen fertilizer from air, water, and renewable electricity.
  • ReJoule:  Maximizes the value of electric vehicle batteries with its advanced battery diagnostics technology.
  • Revterra:  A kinetic battery offering a modular, cost-effective, and highly scalable solution to the increasingly important energy storage market – bringing a new spin to the energy transition.
  • Twelve:  The carbon transformation company eliminating emissions by transforming CO2 into critical chemicals, materials and fuels.
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2020 Program: COVID-19 Solutions

Our 2020 IgniteX COVID-19 Response Accelerator program focused on working with companies who are developing solutions that would help reduce the severity of the coronavirus outbreak. View demonstrations from companies who participated in our 12-week accelerator program to further advance the development of their solutions around disinfection, environmental sensing, facilitating a safe return-to-work, health screening, and tracking/tracing. 

Technologies discussed include a multi-day persistent sanitizer for surfaces, smart UV lighting, a concentration device for pathogen detection, mobile data collection, automated site design and wearables for social distance compliance. Our 2020 partner companies included:

  • Aquisense: Desktop ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of masks
  • Motega:  Developed a multi-day persistent sanitizer for surfaces and hands.  Company has formulation specialists in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, foods and chemicals.
  • NanoGuard: Reactive gas (ozone) disinfection for food and other markets
  • Windgo: Smart UV lighting
  • University of Missouri: Biosensor for rapid pathogen detection
  • InnovaPrep: Concentration device for pathogen detection
  • Fluid Robotics: Automated sampling devices and wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE)
  • Transcend H2O: Automatic site design for the portable, quickly deployable Rapid Modular Health System (RaMHS)
  • Field2Base: Mobile data collection partner for COVOPERATE
  • Translational Pulmonary & Immunology Research Center: Health partner for return-to-X assessments
  • OneScreen: Infrared temperature scanner
  • Ubudu: Small wearable for social distance compliance and contact tracing
  • EB Systems:  Indoor/On-Site tracking, contact tracing, and real-time alerting systems
  • Energy Cloud: Air filtration system
  • MySidewalk: City intelligence platform
  • OnFrontiers: Platform for enterprise knowledge networks
  • Cykyl Systems: Pneumatic device for constant air pressure in medical and other devices
  • Avatour: 360-degree virtual telepresence
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2019 Program: CleanTech Solutions

“We have a lot to build.” That was the recurring theme at the first Black & Veatch Ignitex Demo Day. Each of the startups presented ideas for bringing about a better world through technologies aligned with Black & Veatch’s mission of Building a World of Difference through innovation in sustainable infrastructure. As the presentations unfolded, it became clear that while we do, indeed, have a lot to build, we’ve done a lot of great work so far.  Some examples of cleantech progress from the program:

  • Electriphi (now Ford Pro): Fleet electrification for cutting down carbon emissions
  • Built Robotics: Autonomous construction equipment for worker safety and faster builds
  • InfraLytiks: AI data analytics for sustainable infrastructure improvement
  • ecoSPEARS: Environmental remediation in waterways
  • Aware Vehicles: Smart drones for precision agriculture and infrastructure maintenance
  • Novonutrients: Converting CO2 emissions into protein-rich feed for aquaculture
  • Extensible Energy: Helping commercial building owners save money by going solar

Congratulations to one of our #IgniteX alums Electriphi on their recent merger with Ford Motor Company!


Watch how their software will be used to develop advanced charging and energy management experiences for electric vehicles.



“Black & Veatch is a powerhouse, bringing startups not just marketing and sales expertise but project development and deployment.”



Sergie Albino, CEO, ecoSPEARS — 2019 Cohort



Novonutrients, from our CleanTech Accelerator is turning greenhouse gas into animal feed, beginning with a focus on the aquaculture industry.


Learn more about how these innovators are helping the world tackle the climate problem by turning CO2 waste into a useful protein product.

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