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Mission Critical Facilities/Data Centers

Modernization & Sustainable Solutions

Leverage existing infrastructure and sustainability technologies to transition to a next-generation mission critical facility.

Data Center Modernization & Sustainable Solutions

Black & Veatch is leveraging a century of critical infrastructure expertise when we modernize your mission critical facilities and data centers, transforming them into schedule-efficient, sustainable operations that can meet your future demand and growth.  We deliver smart, responsible solutions that cover your facility’s entire life cycle while keeping your operations live 24/7.


We collaborate with you to understand the current state of your mission-critical facilities, and your modernization and sustainability goals. This knowledge will help shape our approach to assessing your current infrastructure’s ability to support your future needs, and aide your decision and migration planning to meet your goals.  

Properly aligning IT loads to your power and cooling systems is key to optimizing energy efficiency and cooling. Our industry-accredited mechanical and electrical engineers begin with a review of the electrical topology to understand if it will support the required flexibility, resiliency and growth required for the future.  

We will review your mechanical systems, and along with CFD modeling, will be able to advise you on the IT density and where it can be deployed on the white space, and recommend more sustainable upgrades to consider. These are critical steps in extending the life and capabilities of an existing data center, and finding ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Finding the right balance between physical space, infrastructure and virtual capacity is a continuous challenge.  We make sure your space, mechanical and electrical systems are right-sized to your capacity requirements. 

Modular systems can help maximize space, power and cooling because additional container  units can quickly be added or removed onsite to support changing IT needs.  Our comprehensive approach emphasizes pre-engineering and standardization for deployment in any location to provide quick speed-to-market.

It’s important to continue monitoring your operation and measuring key performance metrics post-deployment.  We can help you establish standard operating procedures and methods of operations, and offer a series of services and audits to continue tracking and managing your assets.  Our experience working across the power and water life cycle uniquely positions our team to help monitor your usage and improve efficiency with leading edge, sustainable solutions.

We create sustainability models and solutions for every phase of the data center life cycle. Clients are increasingly focused on net-zero emissions and we bring the expertise to ensure every data center design, construction and modernization decision includes a forward look to sustainable applications and technologies.

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