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Investing in Innovation

We bring the capabilities of a proven, fully-integrated engineering and construction company with the mindset of reshaping the industry and society to unlock the next generation of innovation in sustainable infrastructure.

Investing in Innovation

We believe the only way to make the world a better place is by improving people’s lives. We do not simply engineer or build things and we don’t see data or technology as ends in themselves. We see problems and we put our imagination to work.

The world is constantly changing, and we want to be on the forefront of that change. For over a century, we’ve been bringing new ways to solve the world’s challenges.

Growth Accelerator Incubator Teams in the News

Close of Business

A podcast for young professionals in the STEM industries discussing innovations that excite. Episode 16's of the 21st Century Agriculture series features real-world ‘ag-startup’ NextGen Agriculture that is breaking ground in providing infrastructure solutions to rapidly expanding indoor agricultural applications.

The Good Food Institute

GFI is dedicated to accelerating the growth of plant-based meat and clean meat – two promising emerging food technologies. Zack Olson, co-founder of Black & Veatch’s NextGen Agriculture business joined leaders from life sciences, chemistry and other companies to discuss how growing the business of clean meat can leverage the knowledge of these parallel industries to accelerate progress.

Solarhood Article

Black & Veatch’s first Business to Consumer offering, Solarhood helps customers take steps to go solar through a mobile or web app experience. Corporations can also benefit from the technology. Founder Luke Oehlerking sat down with Startland News to discusses the app and his vision for Solarhood.

Hyperloop One

Black & Veatch has been part of a coalition working to evaluate the feasibility of Virgin Hyperloop One’s proposed route from Kansas City to St. Louis. We announced the results in October 2018.

UAS 60 Mile Flight

DataFuze’s Co-founder Jamare Bates talks with UAS Magazine about the successful BVLOS (beyond-visual-line-of-sight) flight to inspect transmission lines.

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