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Pilot Projects Could Mitigate Risks of Microgrid

Smart Grid Developments in Asia

Pilot Projects Could Mitigate Risks of Microgrid

Successful pilot projects are critical steps in learning first-hand the potential of microgrid and smart grid development.

A first step can be looking at existing assets with fresh eyes. Many rapidly expanding Asian cities are already densely packed. With often limited capital investment funds, looking to the existing built environment may provide answers for power companies exploring microgrid and smart grid pilots. Train stations, commercial buildings and even the ubiquitous Asian shopping malls may provide the perfect, already-established commercial project sites for testing. 

Creative Solutions

Establishing the right environment that encourages piloting new projects, and eases financial risks will unlock essential creative and pragmatic thinking. Regulators and power companies must work hand-in-hand to make pilot schemes successful. Power companies are in a strong position to commercialize and bring scale to clean energy technologies. Systematically planning, executing and de-risking pilot programs is critical for modernizing Asia power grids.

Other challenges utilities may face include organizational, enabling storage as a service and managing intermittent renewable generation.

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