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LNG Plant to Capacity Performance in Just 10 Days

Black & Veatch Put the Erdos Xingxing LNG Plant into Capacity Performance in Just 10 Days

Project Name
Erdos Xingxing LNG Project
Erdos, inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China
Erdos Xingxing Energy Co., Ltd.

Erdos Xingxing Energy Co., Ltd. (Erdos) selected Black & Veatch and Chemtex to design and build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, China, that produces 200,000 metric tonnes of LNG per year for a variety of fuel uses. More than 20 facilities have been contracted by the Black & Veatch and Chemtex alliance in China, and the Erdos Xingxing project was the alliance’s first LNG order in the country. The facilities provide area residents and industries with a clean and economical fuel source for transportation, as well as industry and home use.

Patented Technology

Black & Veatch was selected because of its reputation in the oil & gas market, and its ability to address the project’s complex technical issues. China’s natural gas pipeline infrastructure is developing, and the country’s large size presents challenges in supplying the much-needed clean fuel to local inhabitants. Black & Veatch’s patented PRICO® technology enables the mid-scale Chinese facilities to quickly move LNG to market by reducing the gas volume 600 times by liquefaction and then transporting it by tank truck.

Black & Veatch’s startup team was particularly commended for the successful performance test, including thorough reviews and recommendations to the client to ensure a smooth transition.

“After Black & Veatch participated in this project, their robust technology, precise service and successful operation made us the largest LNG producer with the most advanced technology in China and an important LNG supplier. We have successfully occupied the domestic market and have become the industry leader, largely due to the contribution of Black & Veatch.”

Mr. Wu, Lexian, Vice Chairman and President, Erdos Xingxing Energy Co., Ltd.

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