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Asset Management

Assessment Services

Offering unparalleled speed to value by identifying and analysing the most mission-critical data.

Assessment Services

Insight-driven, proactive asset management is critical to achieving customer satisfaction, meeting business goals and regulatory compliance. However, insight and data-driven asset management are only possible by first understanding what’s happening across the asset base.

Black & Veatch’s asset management assessment services are focused on working with our clients to develop the fullest possible understanding of asset condition and performance: how the asset base’s constituent parts perform individually, and how they interact collectively. This evaluation holds the key to enhancing asset performance and resilience; and developing the most cost-effective maintenance programs.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial outcomes.

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We guide you through every stage of grid modernization from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve both telecommunications and electrical grid challenges together.

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Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

The risks posed by asset failure extend far beyond disrupted services and angry customers. Asset failure also presents reputational, legal and regulatory compliance risks. This is why identifying the likelihood and consequences of asset failure on an ongoing basis is central to our assessment services. We help clients understand which assets are core to delivering their organizational goals, the risk of core asset failure; and the potential impacts of asset failure.

We can conduct these assessments with efficiency and accuracy because - as well as being experts in establishing the programs which will yield the insights that best support clients’ organizational objectives - we are also world leaders in the design, construction and operation of power and water infrastructure; and the telecommunications network connectivity upon which such asset bases rely.

Stepping away from reactive maintenance reduces costs and service disruption, and boosts resilience. Our assessment services empower clients to undertake risk-based proactive maintenance - driven by condition and output assessment and sustained through data analytics - by gathering condition-based maintenance data, performance data, and asset data from process equipment, systems, instruments and networks across their asset base.

Because there is a cost to capturing, storing and accessing each item of data, we recognize that it is vital to define the data that best supports clients’ goals – and focus on ensuring that data is of sufficient quality to deliver the desired outcomes.

Our industry-leading assessment services offering includes:

  • Asset Performance Management
  • Asset Service and Performance Analytics
  • Asset System Trials
  • Assessment Technology Selection
  • Facility Assessments
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Operational Technology Cybersecurity and Compliance
  • Rehabilitation Methodologies
  • Reliability and Resiliency
  • Remaining Effective Useful Life Planning
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