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Asset Management

Investments & Financial Management

Successful capital planning relies on technical expertise and financial asset management experience to accelerate good decision making.

Investments & Financial Management

Effective capital deployment can make or break an organization or investment portfolio. When, which, and how much are just a few of the questions investors and executives must ask before deploying resources. Black & Veatch helps organizations understand the questions they need to ask, and steps they need to take, to make forward-looking risk and value-based asset investment decisions.

Risk & Opportunity

Our solutions allow for safe and compliant projects, on budget and with schedule certainty.

Our Insights. Your Success.

Our team’s complementary experience working with and for utilities brings a hands-on perspective to help you focus on your business and make better technical, operational and financial decisions at every step of your journey.

Reliable & Proven

Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

Infrastructure Investing

As a global advisor to investors across infrastructure classes, we understand the challenges and opportunities reshaping markets. Our Investments and Financial Management team blends deep market expertise with the technical expertise to advise infrastructure owners and potential buyers on the optimization and operation of their assets. By bringing these two perspectives together we can provide financially and technically sound asset investment guidance.

Financial Investments

Through our wealth of experience in asset creation and operation, we can help identify which asset underperformance – or worse, failure – is most likely, and which will have the biggest impact upon customer experience, business goals and regulatory targets. By analyzing the two in conjunction we can assess and quantify risk and based upon that analysis, advise on the most cost-effective investments to mitigate such challenges.

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