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Asset Management

Performance Management

Identifying and embedding optimal performance and risk management.

Performance Management

The need to reduce costs and remain competitive, the pressure to act more sustainably, and the threat to infrastructure posed by the increasing frequency of extreme weather mean organizations have to focus on the performance of their assets to a previously unparalleled degree.  

Black & Veatch’s performance management asset management services are data-driven and built upon organizational structures and actionable programs to achieve optimal performance, based upon the types of learnings yielded by our assessment services.

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Our team’s complementary experience working with and for utilities brings a hands-on perspective to help you focus on your business and make better technical, operational and financial decisions at every step of your journey.

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Award winning, innovative solutions provider implementing state-of-the-art technologies and first-of-its-kind facilities.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial outcomes.

We guide clients in the development of intervention programs that will achieve asset performance aligned to their organizational goals. Our performance management services enhance asset performance, reduce risk, and effectively target asset management budgets by moving asset management culture and planning from reactive to proactive. We help foster whole-systems perspectives, enabling clients to focus on the life-cycle performance of assets, zeroing in on potentially minor problems before they become major performance issues.

As well as boosting performance by mitigating the risk of failure, and enhancing resilience, we are also well-versed in optimizing asset efficiency. Elements of this include onsite and remote monitoring and diagnostics that will help clients evaluate whether a components’ underperformance is having an unacceptable impact on overall asset performance or cost of operation.

The bottom line, our approach to dynamic performance management cuts costs. Water and power bills are typically higher for assets functioning at a sub-optimal level, and the need to replace costly components is often more frequent. By optimizing asset performance, we help counter these costs.

By combining asset performance data with external data, such as utility tariff information, we help identify and implement the lowest cost of operation. With the rise of prosumers, we can help clients boost balance sheets by identifying the patterns of power consumption, storage or sale that yield the greatest financial advantage; then realize those patterns in asset operations.

Our performance management support for clients includes:

  • Asset Data Management and Analytics
  • Energy Optimization
  • Metering
  • Process Optimization
  • Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control
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