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Asset Management

Program & Systems Integration

Deploying asset management programs and systems across the enterprise.

Program & Systems Integration

Along with the promise of greater performance and resilience, digital asset management tools like artificial intelligence and machine learning bring new and greater levels of complexity. Integrating these complex tools effectively is the only way to ensure they deliver value and a return on investment. Our highly experienced asset management experts can help manage this complex process with speed and efficiency.

Black & Veatch’s asset management program and systems integration pedigree are second to none. Our expertise in this arena has been proven around the world in the utility sector and for a host of clients from across the commercial and government spectrum.

One Partner

We guide you through every stage of grid modernization from master planning to operational analytics, integrating genuine expertise to solve both telecommunications and electrical grid challenges together.

Integrated Solutions

We collaborate with stakeholders to implement tailored, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Reliable & Proven

Our clients have trusted us for more than 50 years to deliver environmental and technological innovation.

Effective integration means not just installing new sensors, analytics and management tools; effective integration has to encompass the organizational processes, systems, programs and cultures that guide asset management. Aligning these strands has been central to the success of our asset management support.

Familiarity with every point in the asset lifecycle means we are adept at managing the integration of the steps needed to achieve leading-edge asset management, and the technological and organizational interfaces that successful asset management demands. To further support these elements, we help clients create a culture that ensures continuously evolving and improving programs.

This facet of our asset management support covers not only the integration of organizational systems and processes, but also the integration of the digital systems and networks required to monitor and analyze asset performance and condition, and enable smart operation and maintenance of those assets.

Our Program and Systems Integration experts can support:

  • Asset Integration
  • Capital Programme Development and Management
  • CMMS/EAMS Implementation
  • Digital Delivery
  • Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Systems Integration
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