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Sustainability is More than a Promise. It's a Journey.

Whether you're measuring the value of an existing plan or still prioritizing your needs and goals, trust Black & Veatch as your end-to-end partner for sustainability initiatives.


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The world is changing and demanding more from infrastructure. The rapid evolution of technology, new levels of market disruption and global challenges like climate change are deepening the need for infrastructure that is increasingly green, connected, distributed, resilient and adaptive.

For more than a century, Black & Veatch has worked with clients to develop critical sustainable infrastructure. We build projects that are designed to operate for decades; we don’t follow trends, we define them.  We solve problems for the people who are solving the world’s problems. 

We understand your need for projects that embrace the world we see today and help make it the world we want tomorrow.

See how we can help you achieve your sustainable future.

Driving the Global March Towards Sustainability

The next decade will be pivotal, as innovation and clean technology continue to drive the global march towards sustainability. Renewable energy from wind and solar power will continue to redefine power markets as communities actively seek out low-carbon and even zero-carbon power generation. Decarbonization technologies and techniques will enable us to remove and utilize atmospheric carbon. Electric vehicles will further reshape passenger, freight and transit networks as battery capacity and hydrogen move from plans to our roads. Water resources will leverage innovation in sourcing, metering and treatment to build resilience in the face of extreme weather and climate change. And the 5G revolution will deliver the connectivity necessary to bring these systems together.

Wherever you are along your  journey, from planning through design, pilot projects through deployment at scale, we have the expertise to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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2021 Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement Report

Companies across all sectors are placing increased focus on sustainability as a tenet of their business practices. This shift illustrates a new way of thinking, where organizations take into consideration how they operate in the environmental, social and economic environment, and how these areas can be leveraged to create long-term value.

GreenBiz Group, in collaboration with Black & Veatch, conducted research to gain a greater understanding of corporate sustainability goals and some of the strategies for achieving those commitments. This “Corporate Sustainability Goal Setting and Measurement” report presents the findings of an online survey conducted by GreenBiz Group, supplemented with interviews conducted with sustainability leadership at Fortune 500 companies.



Your Partner at Every Stage of the Sustainability Journey

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A Legacy of Innovation

Since our founding, Black & Veatch’s mission has been to design and build critical human infrastructure that improves quality of life and expands economic activity while minimizing environmental impacts. We take our responsibility to operate more sustainably seriously and believe that in doing so, we create value for our clients, our professionals and the communities where we live and work.

Today, we are developing sustainability solutions with our clients – from utilities and investors to governments and companies and more, at the cutting-edge of this global movement. As the need to reduce carbon, preserve water and harness the power of data grows, we continue to drive innovation to meet and exceed the demands of shareholders, regulators and generations yet to come, ensuring your long-term success.

Whether your need touches the energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, agriculture, industry, manufacturing and materials sectors, working together, Black & Veatch can help you meet the needs of the present while building the world we want.

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2020-2023 Sustainability Strategy

We are strengthening our sustainability vision with new pledges that align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and global best practices. The company’s pledges will address a range of environmental and business practices, including carbon neutrality by 2025, water usage, diversity and inclusion, anti-corruption and more.

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