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Trust Black & Veatch’s award-winning hyperloop technology solutions to prove your concept’s feasibility, engineer its construction, and safely deploy it for operation.


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Unlock the Potential of Hyperloop Technology

Hyperloop transportation technologies are here and the revolutionary mode of travel they promise is within reach. Black & Veatch is here to take us the rest of the way.

As industry leaders in hyperloop technology feasibility testing, design, and construction, we connect the dots between hyperloop as a concept and hyperloop as a reality. Technology providers like Virgin Hyperloop, as well as city and state governments and private developers, partner with us to deploy technology safely, compliantly, and cost-effectively. Together, we’re transforming the way the world travels.

How We Enable Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

You have the technology. Black & Veatch will prove the concept. Leverage our deep infrastructure experience and industry-leading resources across consulting, master planning, transportation, sustainability, and more to cut through the complexities of your hyperloop project and prove its technical, economic, and regulatory complexities viability. 

At Black & Veatch, we don’t see hyperloop as the future of travel—we see it as one of the many modes of transportation that will be leveraged in the future. And as next-gen transportation technology like hyperloop converges with physical infrastructure and advanced communications technology, we offer the expertise and resources to knit these disparate elements together. From autonomous vehicles, to smart cities, to sustainability, we bring industry-leading resources to bear across multiple domain areas to offer a truly comprehensive master planning solution.

As one of the world’s top-ranking engineering and design firms, Black & Veatch sees opportunity everywhere. The 100+ years of engineering and design experience we’ve gained across power, water, and communications infrastructure puts us in a leading position to bring hyperloop technology to life. We integrate the latest digital tools with the most advanced technical solutions to achieve your specific technical and economic goals as well as meet safety and regulatory requirements.

For over a century, we’ve provided a full range of contracting and construction management services to deliver tomorrow’s critical infrastructure. And today that includes hyperloop. Leverage our unmatched infrastructure know-how, integrated permitting and environmental services capabilities, and quality design and in-house construction teams to bring your hyperloop project to market efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

BV Wins Innovation Award for Missouri Hyperloop Study

Pioneering Hyperloop Construction

Black & Veatch Wins Innovation Award for Missouri 'Hyperloop' Study

As part of a coalition exploring a way to transform travel, Black & Veatch embraced the challenge to assess the viability of something seemingly ripped from a sci-fi novel: Zipping people and cargo at hundreds of miles an hour across Missouri – in pods, through a tube. Over the course of months, Black & Veatch collaborated with a variety of stakeholders— including the University of Missouri system, the Missouri Department of Transportation, the St. Louis Chamber and the KC Tech Council—to complete the feasibility study – the first examining a “hyperloop” system in the U.S.

The conclusion: That concept by transportation technology company Virgin Hyperloop will work.

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